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By birth every human beings are silly, unknown to world and greetful, they only know to cry when they feel hungry and when they get hurts and not to laugh when they get pleased and happy on some incident or on some person they feel trusted and enjoyable.

As time pass on, the child starts growing and starts discovering the world, along with this many child build their own principles under good environment and personality with good teachings, and few stars following elder blindly, no matter of their parents only, but also to other outsiders. As they are new and unknown to the world they can easily be motivated with bad thoughts, and it actually works but the child grows with great, arrogance, disrespect and bad thought against the outer world.

This is how to types of future generation comes into play, also there is some other way, but this is the very common and basic. As we all know that greed, lies, Arabian sea and respect to others gives us temporary pleasure, the bad people starts with this thing as basic lesson of the life and gradually starts their journey by extending this lesson in much more sophisticated way which final results in creating a diamond in the society. This type of people always neglect and avoid the real and good teachings, meaningful and valuable thoughts, because they feel it very hard to maintain and find it as most boring way of life. Where is the actual reason is, they don’t want to learn the good thought and they do not feel pleasure in it. The bad people prefer to earn by cheating others – mostly by snatching others property or by still in the things from others even if they hardly need it, they goes with their habit, cause they feel pleasure in it. This type of people get success in almost everything because they know how to live and cheat people, even that right there possible last way by forcing or by tactfully, mostly they feel less obstacle to achieve something they want.

There are some exceptions to bad people also. Some people are good by nature, goes with their principles, possibility, hope, truth, courage and patience. They like to achieve their goal with respect and permanency, but here comes the drawback of his thoughts – they have to face much more challenges and obstacle from time and other surroundings. As they are trying to achieve the happiness in permanent basis, so they are being tested by time about their ability of achieving their goal.

Most of us has noticed that when we try to do something good, we get obstacles and failure most of the time. Few people left off the trial but few keeps on trying until they get success and give the examination of their patients, courage and self confidence. Mostly this type of people is able to hold the happiness for long duration. Because time and nature never wants to give the Supreme Power to Eiffel, this is why time clears to rulers and built them in its own teachings. The most patience full person mostly gets long term success despite of being treated by limitation, challenges and different obstacles in life. The built-in principles help them to cope up with the odds their face and their courage in space them along with the surroundings, maybe this is why people says to B with good company and to avoid bad company. For the bad people fulfills they agreed very easily but good people works hard to fulfill their need, because they believe in earnings with respect and is beneficial for everyone.

Mostly people gets hopeless by thinking why all the bad things happened to them? When they are not actually guilty, many peoples are doing many wrong and even worst things but they are not having any problems, then why to them?

We should remember that diamond never science until it is cut and kept and polished with several heart treatment and gold is not greeted until it is heated to its melting temperature and given the shape of a jewellery, similarly people with good mentality and best principles are usually made by time and being tested by time with several stages of problems and then only they are given the best opportunity, as we all know that the hard time teaches us lesson of life to build a better future.

But the people with bad thoughts never gets this opportunity from time to prove their ability to fight a problem and win the life with better opportunity. Because they are happy with cheating others and never try to understand the true feeling of open life, so they are happy with what they have stolen or snatched but never get satisfied of their greed. Also there are many people who have even the worst condition in their life and still they exist and fight for next day.

Please don’t be hopeless and become rude to life and move forward towards future, life is too short to describe are too long to discover!

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