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The only founded life support planet is Earth, where life cycle runs flawlessly. Every living being takes birth once, and play their role and dies once,  after their span is over. From time to time in history created, many people became famous for their work and many got dissolved in the circle of time without providing their purpose of birth. Similarly many places are there in earth, that created their own story along with time, but at the same time it is dissolved in the time. Some way our luck plays on time – the meaning of luck is considered as doing the correct things at correct place on correct time. But it is very easy to do the correct thing in correct place, where as it is way more difficult to find the correct time. Though every people is given a time in life to rise on and to prove themselves, but mostly fails to identify the right time. The person who is able to, becomes the ruler and their principles and thoughts ruled over time even after their death.

Here comes the importance of time, people may have ideas, may have money and may choose right place to move on but may not have the right knowledge of time. And the person who fails to give the right value of time, never gets their own value. We find many people surrounding us with lots of knowledge, but is unable to prove themselves, also we have noticed that mostly they are not punctual on any of their work, so they fails repeatedly and get depressed on their own. This Legacy is mostly learnt and/or entertained by friends or family or The Legacy of their own, so their effort and talent are not valid as they ignore the value of time. Respecting and valuing time is the first thing to be done in life, next comes the knowledge and education as without proper time management no one can succeed.

In every aspect of our life there is definite value and importance, and there is importance of the happening of each and every big or small  incidents occurring in any place and done by any person, because for time every single incident is valuable, no matter how important it is for humans, time goes on its own way. If anyone tries to get something on time then he must be ready at his situation and ability before time so that time doesn’t get the chance to leave him out.

It is one of the best qualities of rulers, that they respect time the most, than other things in their life. There is nothing called natural Born ruler, everyone is born with some unique quality, character, attitude and thoughts. It is time who turns a pure soul to a ruler who have the ability of ruling with true humanity. It is the play of time that trains a simple man to a ruler that leads the world and stays memorable even ages after death. Common people believe that a person with ruling quality is the natural born talent that turn them into a leader. But this viewpoint is absolutely wrong, everyone takes birth as common man, and it is time who turns a common man to a royal ruler, besides this – family and teachings matters most of the time and the environment thereby.


The silly values of time that matters from our birth so much, but still we mostly neglect our mistakes and foolishness and blame it as our Fortune, like –

Role of parents on a newborn baby – whom the new born babies love the most? Of course it is their mother first and next is father and the rest of family who loves the most. But in today’s world here is a trend, side by requirement for most of the couple, that they will become the working parents. Both of them work day and night to earn for the family, most of the time neglecting their kids,  forgetting that at end of the day a happy family and a peaceful sleep is all that really matters and is the most blissful thing on the earth, as money can never give the true love and care that a human can give to the family. It is considerable that there is hike in price for several products and today’s need is much more to get all the facilities of civilized world. Also there are many alternatives to search variations, but people are fond of having their establishment for their identity in rat race, because of only reason that most of the people are participating in the rat race that ends nowhere and finally trap people in limited boundaries hanging food in front of them as, fake status, false glamour and self establishment. But what about the next generation? And for whom and for what we are doing all this? People simply forget all these questions once they are able to win the rat race. In this stupid rat race, they become more materialistic and completely overlook the happiness of their children. They think that buying kids costly gifts and putting them into rich and glamorous schools will make their kids happiest and will shape the best future for the kids, but this notion is completely wrong. How can it be possible to grow up for a kid without proper love and care from their parents, specially the mother. A kid learns the moral values, good and bad, the emotions and what not from the person they grow up with. Now a mother and father are the only people who can really love their kid selflessly without any expectations, and thus, teach them good morals. But in this modern era babysitters are kept to look after the child of the busy parents. Obviously babysitters do this job mainly for money, not out of motherly love, so often times the kids feel neglected, in many cases the little one is abused both mentally and physically, for trivial things, which would not happen if the parents looked after the child. Sometimes they even get sexually harassed at such a tender age.

In this case, the baby of a couple suffers in all the way. Babies are grown in lonely mentality, selfish attitude and suffers lots of problem related to health and mentality. As humans are designed by nature to adopt anything they get in their life. Slowly the baby turns into a dumb mentality and hates to mix up with the open world. And we claim that grown up as lonely and separated selfish, there is no intention of that grown up child to behave like that. The child don’t know anything except that type of behavior, because he have not been taught about the outside world. We can’t expect a babysitter or any other person except parents to teach good things about the world and human behavior, it is purely the job of parents, and how can a child grow if parents are in a rat race? So, who is the guilty here? The lack of time of his or her parents during the growing up time. But once the time is passed, there is nothing to do and the child can hardly realize about what he or she has lost and suffers for the whole life. The parents later in their life complains about the grown up kid about his/her strange and selfish behavior, but is it really the fault of the child? This neglected kids can rarely built a good, healthy and friendly relation with their parents or others as they feel that no one  is there for them to listen to their stories happy or sad.

Role of spouse in a relationship – mostly we are living in a open world who have seen most of the outer world by judging it or by blindly trusting the age old beliefs. Moreover we have seen some part of world and discovered it by ourselves. But the individuals select Each Other by justifying their status and verifying the culture of their society. But actually how they judge? Most of the people judge others on how they think, and what they think is mostly pathetic. Because maximum population judge the book by its cover. Latter this selection turns into a huge problem in life. Frankly speaking, most of the boys choose the girls with no attitude, outer behavior and productivity, girls look on the status, money and stability of the boys along with the outer look. Some outer glamours dismiss the the basic points of human nature, which are often ignored and overlooked by most of the people. The inner behavior, character judgement and respect for  each other is never justified. This are the first and most important things that must be viewed before time. Or else the problem will arise after time like – divorce, external affairs, murders, suicides etc.

This problem starts mostly due to lack of time, when the responsibility of family arises, there are few couples who accept the challenges but most of them tries to ignore their own responsibilities and tries to pass on the responsibilities on the shoulders of their spouse. They want their past relaxing life, back out there, and get bored of their current relationship, as mostly  both of them are working couples or only single working spouse who has to work hard to maintain the good supplies for the family. But as we all know that money needs work and work needs time, so the family time gets cuttled down due to the work load and also the pressure to maintain the relationships of the outer world in the fields of work. In this way to maintain outer relations they have  to cut off more time from their family, and also have to attend silly parties, calls and tours sometimes neglecting the to he most important family matters. Yeah that gives birth of misunderstandings and due to lack of time there is no gateway for solution. So finally the relationship ends up with bitterness and sued to court for break ups. This little misunderstandings could have been easily overcome if both the working partners could give a little more time to their partners and talk about their problems, and sorted it out together. It is really sad to see so many divorces occurring everyday, if only couples could understand that at the end of the long day true love and comfort from the family is all that matters truly, no outer relations and money could give this precious happiness. All you need is to give a little more time to the family, to make it a home, your most comfortable zone, where after a tiring day you have someone’s shoulder to put your head on, cry your heart out, share all your little happiness and sadness with. It’s really important for present day couples to understand that money is nothing compared to the care and love you give and get from the family and your partner. I am not saying to leave your job but only saying that make your family your priority before anything else. If this theory could be maintained then their would not be so many sick and unhappy people on this earth, everyone would have a peaceful mind, which would lead to a better world.

Time is the most costly and precious things in our life, if we are being able to utilize the time in correct part of our life with good work, then there is a possible chance that time will carry forward our work even after life. And we will be remembered for ages, not getting lost in the sea of time like the people in rat race, because time remembers those people who did something extraordinary going ahead of time and respecting the values of time.

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