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Why Parents Are Neglected At Old Age?

Family includes five things like, love, emotion, understanding, co-operation and faith. The role-players’ are the family members including parents, childs, relatives and pets. Human babies are born as totally unknown to the world, they are all new and their brains are almost blanks of practical knowledge. But advanced and speedy enough to discover any new things to them, despite of thinking any good or bad. Because they are unknown to the judgement of any certain rules.

Child consider their parents as their whole world and also love the most to learn anything from them without judging the transperancy of those teachings. Simply these thoughts turn into knowledge and judgement for the future of that child. It is very simple to understand that the man mend with good ethics and real knowledge can stand up in life with good principle, better understanding and real judgement which makes a real ruler. On the other hand, if a man is created with cunningness, selfish ethics and cruel thoughts than it creates a daemon, with the mask of human.

The life of a human being with struggles that includes learnings. As we all know that the children are the best observer and thinkers. But, by knowing all these things, most of the parents propel their child towards the rat race of the world. They think that to win the race they need to thortle their child from the very beginning of life. So when the child just start to talk at 2 to 3 years of age, they are sent to schools. For these new kids there are several schooling business going on outside like Kindergarden, Kidzee, or any preschooling organization. Their parents actually forgets one most important but silly thing in shake of their fame, status and glamour about their child, it’s really a joke that education system is mend as fashion for parents and child, through a so called culture – that their child cannot get the parental love, affection and culture from the preschooling, because only the own parents can handle the need of their genetic baby. By the time the baby will recover the memories of what he/she has heard in the womb of mother they are sent for schooling to learn the bully.

Just think of it! What they will learn? Who don’t even learnt themselves. They don’t know their own culture and identity. They are far away from their parent’s emotion and biological love but too close to their parent’s materialistic love and attachment. So for obvious this child will breakout the materialistic love one day and adopt their own preferable way to leave on. For sure they will neglect what is not important for them, no matter it’s their parents or someone else, because they don’t want to keep unuseful things in their life. At this stage the old-age home becomes the shelter of parents.

Here I am not criticizing the schooling system but I must say that there is some wrong promise towards the future generation, which is distracting their own thoughts. So out country produces 90% of labours and workers as programmed robots with human intelligence, that deteriorates the economic culture and creates a materialistic  country culture. But for this the parents must be aware of what they do and must think why they are doing such things. Is it really so important?

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