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From ages human beings are struggling to make Habitat worth living comfortably, so that at the end of the tiring day they can come back in their comfort zone to relax with family, which makes a home.


Today’s generation is trained to make Run towards their career for livelihood, fetching their ability to earn money, Prestige, glamour and friend. But how many real friends are there in our real life who actually help in our real problem? Everybody is busy on their own job for achievement.


Men discovered the digital world to attract more and more people in the virtual world of knowledge, thoughts, hopes, virtual creativity and dependent on machines which are stupid enough to make people lonely in Real world but richest in the virtual world, where no one is known to anyone personally. Because this “ personal”  word is only available for human beings, but the virtual world is making our work process easier by snatching the word “ personal” from us. Now we are open towards the unknown world. As machine cannot lie also they cannot identify the inner intention of Humans so it cannot differ whom to show whose identification. And people now can easily be trapped by robots of web.


But human world is different from that. Human beings have The Identity of their own, they create their own society, culture and family. Where they can live according to their choice and necessity. Society is ruled by humans and if there is any living being in the earth who makes most of the mistakes, that is human itself, so most of the time humans make mistakes intentionally or by unknowingly comma it doesn’t matter, mistakes are mistakes and it changes from good to bad or from bad to good time to time.


There are several people in the world, whom we know as legends and They ever ruled their own kingdom, it doesn’t matter if it was the kingdom of their own culture, Revolution, inspiration or to rule the state. They also ever made mistakes; if they do not have made any mistakes then they would not have achieved the ability to rule in their own. Of course there needs teachings but how can we forget that the lessons taught by the time is precious and special education ever provided. As we know how rulers are born and what makes a ruler.


But in every aspect of life no matter it is past or future, family plays a vital role in our life. The person who got their education from their good family is having a high chance of establishing an honest life in future. But what is good family?


It is proved by time that there are families that believe in loyalty, which makes different from others. Because their culture taught to fight against odd but Not to appreciate dishonesty, Feel Sorry for mistakes but not to judge in wrong way, discover the world with respect of the creation of the nature, fly on top but never humiliate the downers, fly as you wish but return home on time, fight the evil and must help the friend and family. If any person belongs to this culture, achieve a chance to rule once in life. This is what the meaning of royal family.


Most of the people have forgotten the actual meaning of royal family. They Judge the Royalness with money; it is taken for granted that Royal means it must have huge property and money having their positions on top of every authority. But at the same time they have the fear of their believed royal family, because they think that the members of royal family may humiliate them and may cause trouble if they try to interact with them and if something wrong said by them. Actually the thing is not like that, the general people do not have the deep knowledge of what Royal actually mean, in the word “Royal” there must be a term called “Loyal” Beside all the other meaning of Royal. and the reason behind people do not understand this simple thing is people are not known to the real meaning and they believed that rumor as to what they heard from crowd filled with their type of mentality, they actually do not know to judge and verify of what they are whispering and making foolish decisions that really put them in trouble.


The reason behind this is mostly belong to family which is not cultured enough to decide the good or bad they just talked to look on their own benefit without thinking of good or bad. And try to steal others, unknowingly screw themselves.


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