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At this moment, in my head, it makes bubbles between the different styles of decoration. Some may say that I go from cock to donkey very easily to the point of not printing MY style (like most blogs). In reality, I had trouble with the idea of building a very framed style. I rather cultivate my personality, finally the expression is too strong. Let’s say that I let myself evolve with the seasons, age, trends … without asking too much questions. For me, the decor is not a challenge and I find that mixing is life. That’s what makes decorating not boring. I do not know which blog I read that when you really like a few things and well, this object will find its place in your home even if it has nothing to do with the rest. This will seem obvious,
So currently, I let myself be influenced by everything that is rough, patinated, dented… I like it. And that is good because the rustic style, influenced by the wabi sab i spirit, is becoming more visible. I feel good take the lead of the pack of decorative trends in the coming months. At the same time, trends, we do not care. We simply inspire these three interiors with rustic country atmosphere. Their common point: imperfect walls, painted woods, dark wax woods, subtle colors, raw textiles…
It is easier to create a rustic wabi sabi decoration in a country house, certainly. However with a lot of dexterity, it can be applied to many interiors. That’s what the textile artist Amy Revier did. With her companion, she built a two-room apartment, located in an Art Deco building (not very young, but not rustic basis) in dark tones.
“When we found the apartment, it was quite sterile and cold, but with a lot of potential. Despite the constraints of renting, we are very satisfied with our efforts to add love and warmth to this space. We painted the walls in tones according to our location within Hampstead Heath (We have resident owls and hear us landing geese on the pond behind the park), so we experimented with natural colors: gray-green, sweet white, peony, plum and brown. ”
A rustic English house
We know the love of the English for their campaign and all that goes with it. [My mother was a big fan of this way of life. I was bathed in tartan, chintz and mahogany furniture, hence, maybe …] It made sense that I slipped you in addition to the interior above, a rural house in Old England . This one, it’s been a moment that I want to share it. I found it on the journal of thefuturekept .com store. Based east of Sussex, the Jeska & Dean boutique offers a selection of beautiful handmade products, many of which seem to be inspired or discovered during their travels. We are really in a rustic interior and at the same time, it’s not old. The kitchen is very contemporary, the current staging.
Proof that the rustic style is not necessarily dark, it may be bright. The proof also that we can mix design and old boards. Ambience question, question of taste. The owners of the mydeal .com .au boutique (very contemporary design) have an entirely old farmhouse in the state of New York. It was built in the 1750s by Dutch settlers. For once, this old house was crumbling and they really had to do a lot of work to put it back. The patina and lumpy walls are not fake. Note the care given to the choice of colors. “We are attracted by colors that change radically with light,” explain the owners.
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