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Lives of human beings are mixed up with different types of incidents, including good and bad happenings. People often think that why the bad thing is happening with them? But they should remember that this is the part of life. Every single person have to face sadness, depression, uncertainty and unhappiness in their life, but to move forward in life one should cope up and stay patience in order to cross the bad phases of time, because the good time is yet to come.

To become successful personnel, there are few success rules that one should follow in order to grow with better complexity in life.

First of all it starts with speeches of an individual. We have often noticed around us that how people talks and interacts with each other – some interacts in a very rude manner which is being disliked by most of us but some people talks so sweetly that we even become fan of them, try to interact with them and like to talk to them. This sweet interaction works like magic, even if anyone interacts with their enemy in this sweet speech, there is a high chance to win the enemy and make a new way towards friendship.

Secondly – no matter how good a person is, one must have the approach that may harm to others. Like a poisonous snake so that their enemies including humans have the fear of their poison and it can pass through harmlessly. This same rule applied to human also. Nomatter how good a person is one must keep this poisonous approach. Because in different part of our life we have noticed that something is not going to get worked in our good approach or behavior, in that case we have to take out our poisonous side to make the thing work and it is beneficial for us to make the thing happen and we can pass away without any harm to us

Thirdly – we should know how to rule this world by controlling the nature of different types of human beings. Basically we are surrounded by four mental states of people namely –

  1. Greedy and cunning.
  2. Arrogant or bossy.
  3. Illiterate or unlettered.
  4. Educated or literate.

Greedy people can be controlled by controlling their greed. Greedy mentality people mostly have their greed. Greedy minded people mostly having their greed on getting on getting something more and more money – no matter how. So, if any person can control their greed of a greedy person then he can make them doing anything and any type of jobs.

Arrogant or bossy type of people are mostly single minded, they think that mostly it is correct of what they are thinking. So to control this type of people one should bow with respect and consider their thoughts while making them realize about their deeds and make them work.

Illiterate person often think of themselves very cleaver and everything is known to them. But actually they can easily be identified even in the crowed by noticing their behavior and words. Also this type of people can be easily controlled by the name of religions and any other beliefs. And if anyone is able to control their mind then they can be easily used or taken for granted.

Educated or knowledgeable people are a bit tricky to handle because they listen not only to answer but also to understand. If anyone tries to hide the truth and try to lie in front of them then they can easily catch it and handle it in a tricky way. One should not try to lie or misguide the knowledgeable person. Their availability to help us depends on their thoughts. No matter the work is good or bad, if the person get something useful from that situation and less risk is found then that person is obviously able to help us.

Fourthly – A man should avoid that religion deficit in love, humanity, respect, peace and good culture. Religious acts as guideline for humans and to live in a human society one should be in the loyal path of love, respect, humanity, peace and of good culture in order to establish in human cultured life. The religious that dose not follow even any one of this must be avoided immediately as this dosenot worth anything except bad incident in life. Similarly one should avoid a teacher who has lack of knowledge, as it is going to be proved good for nothing. Because we need teacher to learn something good and logical. People who don’t even have any knowledge is going to give no benefit in our life and hence there is no purpose to keep them as teacher.

One should avoid haughty and arrogant wife. As a life partner wife plays a very vital role in our life. Because girls are such a being who can fulfill our life from all aspects, they have the capability to ensure our complete family, they be with us in our good or bad situation, inspires us and share our feelings. But there is some opposite also present in someone’s life. When girls become rude, arrogant and unmanageable they just become uncontrollable, one should avoid such type of girl as a life partner, because they are of no use instead of demolishing the family and overall good things in our life.

Similarly there are also some relations in our life including our relatives and our friend circle who is just with us to get the overall benefits of our life. So the relations lack of love, affection, caring and helping should be avoided. Instead we can make one true selected friend who can care us with love, affection and help us while we are in problem.

Fifth shows that a true knowledgeable and educated man can get settled anywhere in the world, because they know that where, when, how and whom to act with. Like a true businessman has the perfect knowledge of identifying persons, they solve any issue with their smiley face and sweet speech technique. They earn the true value of business with profit and respect. Breaking all the barriers of impossibilities with their effort, knowledge and positive mind, managing the short-come of any situation.

Sixth is about money. We know the real value of money now a day. Without money nothing will work perfectly. But what if money is earned by cheap miser people or by uneducated persons?

We earn money for our livelihood and savings for our future and so we want to earn more money to attract more money by rotating the money wisely. If any miser earns money just to save in the locker and keeps adding on from their limited sources, then it is of no use actually, until we earn more from that money by rotating it. Because when we rotate the money it reaches to the society also where money expands by their work and we can get the profit return while helping the society too, this way our society business will also improve and we can earn more profit from the direct business. It becomes more worse when an uneducated person earns money because this type of people mostly flush away the money on having fun and parties, instead of utilizing the money to become rich they just wind away the earned balance is unusual and unproductive works and make his earned money like a prostitute, where anyone can have on it, based of fake friendship.

Seventh is use of money. Money is such a thing which can protect our religion even, by utilizing it in every religious culture and or ceremony where people get attracted and can have religious spirituals in proper manner.

Including our life money plays a very important role everywhere, no matter is good or bad, from individual’s necessity to the border and internal security of countries.

Eighth is our social responsibility. We should always keep our mind open towards our society because if our society grows then we can have the better opportunities in our life. There are few consequences to improve our society, like –

  • Donation can end the poorness – If we donate to the people who actually need our financial support then they can utilize their idea which influences certain things like culture, growth, financial growth and there is growth of new ideas even.
  • Behavior can end sadness and loneliness – People mostly like to interact with them who is well-behaved, well-mannered, and kind in nature. Like people with soft and polite in nature earns more friend instead of enemies. People who have sweetness in their speech can give polite flow to a cruel and harsh situation and can be followed as an ideal for the society which keeps the person busy in distributing wellness in the society and he never feels alone.
  • True knowledge can end the bad thoughts – Basically by educated we mean the person with higher qualification and degrees. But true knowledge actually mean education with proper implementation of knowledge earned from books, environment, and humanity and from the practical life. If one is truly educated with this knowledge then he can get rid of bad thoughts.
  • Kindness protects the king – The main objective of a king is to protect and serve the best to his countrymen. But for that he needs resources, manpower and above all support if civilians. If any king comes with proper judgment, equal rules, justified taxation system with his kind attitude and polite behavior then it lowers the risk of protest and riots. This finally protects the kingdom of king.
  • Human tolerance with patience can end up fear – Most people often gets feared of listening or just having the thought of tough or unknown situations before they face it in real life one try to avoid them. Instead we must have the patience to let the situation come and prepare ourselves for that situation and tolerate the harsh play of time, from here we can get new lesions of life with new thoughts and possibilities to grow up in our life.

Ninth suggestion says that we must maintain some safe distance from the bad company. Because bad companies can draw us to the sticky mud which is too dirty to wash off from out life. It breaks our principle of living and can turn us to an educated criminal which is enough to spoil our better dream to stand up in life.

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