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The Earth is the very unique creation of nature. According to scientific explanation – the universe is created from the Big Bang, which was the beginning of a new universe after disastrous end of something old – that became very old. From the beginning of the universe, there started time zero and the precious materials like stone, ores, metals, chemicals and gases scattered all over the universe, but why is life sustaining only on earth? This is a very big question and before that, how Earth and other planets are created?

We all know that in our solar system there are eight basic planets – Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and including Pluto it is nine, Astronauts are still finding some more. As per Astronautical experiments, there were clouds of dust, gases and other materials just after Big Bang, here the question is how planets and their satellites formed with their qualities and properties? They are saying that the particles started gathering together due to gravity of some big chunks of rocks and residues left after the Bang.

It happens like this, The Sun has its static gravity, based on which each and every particle in the universe is floating, that place is known as zero gravity of the universe. Here each and every particle has their own gravity accumulated from magnetic wave and radiation from the galaxy. Started from the bigger objects, they attracted the particles lighter from them and gathered towards them, this process is running from millions and trillions of years and finally formed their own core which started melting due to heat generated from intense pressure and imbalanced magnetic energy influences, but the crust is influenced by the outer condition of space and the heat, light and radiation from the sun.

Now the outer atmosphere is created by the influences of the space condition, Sun’s radiation and finally the place and distance from the sun where the planets formed from the beginning of the Big Bang. Each and every planet gathered so much of energy that they boil in their own, some is having too low energy to space out their cold condition, Most of the planets accumulated the rich resources of gases that become explodable and stormy. All these process mostly depended on the distance from the sun. The planets nearest to the Sun is much more hot and evaporable due to radiation, as time passed on, the planets lost back its atmospheric property to the open space. Reason behind this is, their size of being too small to stay nearest to sun and has less density of gravity and distance from the sun.

Next comes the Earth, the only founded planet in our solar system where life exists, because of its weather condition, it is as distant from the sun, so that it can achieve an adequate energy like heat and light from the sun, which maintains the accurate temperature needed by the life to grow and carry on, along with the precious natural resources needs to grow and sustain life which are none other than water and gases like oxygen and carbon di-oxide. But what do you think? Is water, oxygen and carbon di-oxide enough to sustain life? No, absolutely not. To sustain life it needs other factors also, like atmospheric pressure, time of rotation and revolution, diversity of landscapes, diversity of oceans and other water bodies are also equally needed to keep maintaining the flow of life easy and run smoothly.

Here comes the role of God. From the ancient periods we are known to several types and forms of God, Religions and its belief has been created by human itself. Most of the elements in the universe and in earth itself have been created by humans. Most of the elements in the universe and in earth itself have been marked as either God or part of God or as messenger of God. And it may be any planet meteors, stars, Sun, Earth and soil, water and water bodies, or any living being like snakes, cows, monkeys, lions, plants or even some humans like – Jesus, Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Khuda Pak Allah – Hazrat Muhammad, Lord Gautama Buddha, Sikh gurus and much more devoted persons like them. People follow them and pray towards them as God. But is that really works? It depends on the person itself that how much they are devoted, what is their core of beliefs, how good they are acting towards world, what they are thinking about themselves and others, how their mentality is acting like good, bad or neutral.

The main point is that if anyone truly believes on God, which means either they are believing on themselves and also believing on their deeds, or they are losing some of their confidence in any typical or tricky conditions. Human belief on Gods comes on three conditions, One is when they feel unsafe and second is when they need something more, thirdly is no matter of good or worse situation they believe only on God.

What does it actually mean by God?

People often worship the idol and statue made of wood, stone or clay or often worship plants, places, water and sun, most often living and non living human beings.

But according to human, what must be the meaning of God and worship? God is the inspiration of being alive and move forward throughout the life span. God exists in all good beings, no matter it is human or any other living or non-living beings. Despite of being young or old, rich or poor, and any sexual differences, belief from the soul actually works, no religion is good or bad. Religion teaches us the unity, strength, respect, kindness and ensure the path of living. Question arises that why should we keep belief on religion? The best possible answer will be to ensure our path of life and it teaches us how to walk on it. It is all about belief, faith and self devotion and confidence on truth. What if we do not follow religion? It depends on the person being grownup by the blending of time. Because time teaches us everything, it depends on us, what we do and what we receive. Alike if anyone tries to do bad things and think of something bad, the same thing happens with them. Because in the real world there is nothing called negative. It is the material which comes out of mind as negative. Like if a person tries to leave cigarette then he/she must not think like (I should Quit smoking of Cigarette), When someone thinks like this, they are actually triggering the habit of smoking in their mind unknowingly. Because human mind works on Image formations. When someone is thinking that (I should stop smoking), that time the image of cigarette and his smoking style plays on his/her mind but there is no negative image in their mind to leave it, cause the negative image actually doesn’t exists. Like this if anyone thinks like (I will do harm to that person). He actually plays in his mind like he is harming towards himself. The rule of nature actually works like this.

Deal arises with how God controls the world?

God is the belief owned by humans, created and maintained by nature. When human thinks of achieving something and wants to get out of something worse situation they pray for their problem to God, and the good thing happens with a great miracle. Actually it works in several stages. The positive things present in earth like the work of gravity, due to gravity things changes in a dramatic and permanent way, like if there is a mobile phone in your hand and by chance it falls from your hand and gets cracked – here the position and fortune of your mobile phone changed suddenly within no time like from here to there, and good or bad thing happens. We consider as fortune. Due to gravity everything is happening in our universe. Please note that the opposite of positive is negative and bad thing happens to start with something good. Like old plants dies and grows new plants, this is the rule of God maintained by nature and time.

Unlike gravity there are several things working like this, among which the rotation and revolution of the Earth other planets causes good and bad things to the nature and overall solar system according to astrology. Depending on gravity everything on our solar system and all over the universe is changing dramatically from time to time and we are not exception from this. Now here it gives birth to the universe’s best teacher and the all time existor “The Time”. The nature judges each and every aspect of the creation from time to time. No matter the person is rich or poor, good or bad, normal or abnormal, higher professional or commoner and other differences that is created by mankind.

No matter what we call it – God, time or nature or religion – everything teaches is the same thing and that is humanity.

Some aspects of the humanity is –

  1. Do good to others, in return you will get the best.
  2. Do not harm or do bad to others, in return you will get the worst.
  3. Do your own job without thinking of returns. Time is not blind, it will obviously give the return.
  4. Think before you do, cause once you are done you cannot revert the action because once the time is passed it is passed, the same time and the same action never comes back.
  5. Think positive, as there is nothing in the universe called negative then you are thinking the action on your own.

This is my earnest request to my viewer friends, that make your own path in a justified and positive way and please do comment if you are feeling inspired or disturbed from any part of this content, and please do share with your friends and family, so that they can find their best route. Hope we can be with you in future.

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Keto Nutrient Calculator · October 11, 2018 at 1:02 am

This design is steller! You obviously know how to keep a reader entertained.

Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start
my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Excellent job. I really loved
what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it.
Too cool!

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