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Why Should We Maintain Diary!

Human Being is alternatively known as social animals, unlike other animals, they have their common in almost everything except of human can think in sophisticated way and they have their social, cultural and native society at different aspect in different places of world. Though social humans have to live in a society they have born and the culture they have adopted, there is always something called likes and dislikes of any rules and/or habits of any society. The same likes and dislikes goes to their personal life and culture also, which they cannot share with others, may be due to some social limitations, personal fear or simply they do not want to share, but he/she actually wants to do something really good and effective to them or their surrounding societies which may be called taboo or may not be acceptable due to political circumstances of their society.
But what happen when this type of thought keeps on depositing in their mind and they cannot share. A best, clever and educated person always start with their personal diary. A personal diary is such a thing that inspires them to write on themselves, on how they are being neglected and/or accepted by their society, they just cannot tolerate it and starts opposing and creating problem to the man who is actually trying to make the best possible changes to their society for betterment of everyone.
So, here the load of diary gets heavy when a person starts writing about his/her personal incidence relating to their society, But what is the reason of being personal? If someone is trying to express their personal thoughts and experiences from their society, then it is mandatory that if someone is thinking against their culture then it is must that he/she may face threats from others who is following the culture blindly or for their personal benefit. Like Anne Frank’s Diary, when Anne started writing the diary, she was in jail and that time she couldn’t share or oppose of what is happening in her surroundings, cause she may be put in some more deadly situation or may be killed, but despite of all bad circumstances she was feeling positive and was scripting her thought for future that inspires her to grow up and provided us the true knowledge.
Diary is actually the past keeper, many incidents happen with every single human being, but the person who maintains personal diary can recover their past event if the time changes in future. Diary is not only the keeper of that individual, but also the true incidental knowledge source to the world about how a person has started his/her life and what challenges can someone face in their life. Also it teaches how to win those challenges and go forward in their personal life with positive attitude. From a past diary the future world can learn and acquire the knowledge and grow up in life.
Viewers and readers of this post are requested to comment if you think about someone’s personal diary – your comment is our inspiration.

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