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Some people are always rude to others and angry at triffle things. These excessive anger leads to self destruction. Gradually serious diseases like hypertension set in. Initially friends and family try to cope up with him/her, try to manage the anger, but for how long can anyone deal with such all tempered person? Finally they give up.. and the angry and grumpy person is left alone… which further leads to depression and anxiety from this loneliness. They can never figure out where they went wrong as they think their anger is fine. The person this way becomes more weak mentally day by day, gradually inviting physical illness. They can easily overcome these misfortunes if they controlled their anger a little bit on time.

A child who grows up seeing his/her parents fighting regularly can never develop a good emotional balance. This little innocent kid is always under fear and stress. They can’t judge the situation at such a small age and grows up with many wrong ideas. They become very timid and weak mentally due the improper environment. Gradually various behavior and mood disorders surfaces up when they go through the adolescent period of their life, as this is the time of major hormonal changes. As discussed in article adolescence and it’s changes If this psychological state continues in future it will lead to various mental and physical illness.

Now, you guys can think that the negative emotions can only deviate our proper healthy life.. but it’s not true. Some sweet emotions like love can also affect a person. Too much love and care for someone is also harmful specially if the other person doesn’t value your love and care. Gradually this one sided love will drain out all of your energy and strength.. leaving you completely empty and distressed from inside. Worst happens when one fine day the most loved person leaves, then you completely become emotionally unstable and trust me guys it will leave you destroyed inside out.. people go to serious psychological problems like deep depression, and sometimes even get mad. And obviously a weak mind acts as a good breeding ground for various physical illnesses. Guys love is the sweetest and best thing which happens to a person when done with the right person. So before giving out the most precious emotion to anyone just is a bit careful as no pure soul deserve to get hurt like this.

Similarly a child since birth if cared too much by his/her parents and is overprotected then he gradually develops low immunity. As that over-cared child can’t fight with the simplest of things like mild infections or slightest awkward situations, they become sick quickly.

So guys anything in excess is not good. This rule applies to every aspect of our lives including our emotions. Our mind is like a ‘wishing tree’. If we think positive and be hopeful in life good things will surely happen and vice versa for negative thinking. So guys to maintain a healthy and happy life first of all think positive even in most difficult situations, as situations are temporary, they will pass away one day. Share your feelings, if not possible at least write a diary, just let your frustrations out, help others and forgive others. Guys start practicing this and you will soon begin to see a healthier version of yourself.

Thank you for reading this. Let us know about your feelings. Comment section is always open for you.

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