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Things you must keep in mind about writing for Wikipedia

Being a business owner, you strive to deliver the right message about your company, and this will assist in improving your reach, online reputation, and brand. One of the crucial websites that consumers turn to for the information is Wikipedia portrayed as the free encyclopedia, so you are the one making efforts to learn how to create a Wikipedia page for your company. Many companies frequently ask PR agencies to write Wikipedia articles on their behalf. Some opt to hire the PR professionals to edit the Wikipedia pages to delete the negative information and make the company appear better than it is. So if this is something you need to consider, go through the article to learn why this is not the right decision.

Should you hire a PR agency for your company’s Wikipedia presence?

Simply the answer is in denial, the term of Wikipedia is a clear indication that you should not get paid service to make contributions on Wikipedia and create articles for your company. If we understand the policies in the exact terms;

The paid contributions without revelation

The names of use restrict engaging in fraudulent activities, inclusive of the misrepresentation of the affiliation, impression, and fraud. As a part of these obligations, you need to disclose your employer, client, and association in regards to any contribution for which you receive or expect to receive compensation or reward. Make sure you have published in one of the following ways

  • You make a statement on your user page.
  • You make a statement on your talk page along with any paid contributions
  • You make a statement in the edit summary along with any paid contributions.

Even with the following guidelines, several companies still do it. If you are taken, there are higher chances of damaging your reputation far more than any negative news publications. Moreover, Wikipedia has been aggressively scrutinizing after enterprises and PR agencies and others who make efforts to make fraudulent contributions with lawsuits and in the news media.

You need to source any information you post on the website accurately, there is a whole community of volunteers and editor who are constantly scrutinizing to ensure that the data is factual neutral and correct. Contributions have been consistently evolved, so make sure to evaluate your company listing frequent and correct mistakes.

If you submit the information you should share it with a neutral point of view, this will include the disclosure of conflict of interest even if you are being rewarded for publication even as the PR professional on behalf of the company.

Don’t edit or delete any unattractive information. Wikipedia is cracking down this practice through companies, as it harms its reputation; every company experiences collisions and bad decisions, and this is what makes a company story. Though rather than acting as it didn’t happen, the audience will be more engaged when you tell what made you overcome and reach the top. Write something that adds value to the content. Make sure anything you submit progresses with the article. Copy and paste the submissions of your marketing materials and information added only to link back to your website that might probably not apply. It should be based on fact, so when the events are evaluated, it stands up to inspection.

Keep in consideration that there are international, local, and national industry-specific categories of Wikipedia, contribute information for various audiences if suitable. Before you hire a PR firm, you need to think twice, since Wikipedia has become a crucial part of the information and it’s critical to follow the guidelines that include.

Writing from the neutral point of view

You need to write your page in a balanced and neutral tone. Don’t add sales pitch or emotional words about your company. Write impartial content for your page to stay alive. Since Wikipedia editor reviews every page submission carefully to make sure that the content is objective.

Cite recognizable sources

Add references for the news sources that are recognizable by the readers. Wikipedia is not the place neither it has time to study every single outlet that has mentioned your company once. Similar to the search engine optimization, you need to be selective and brief while deciding what news coverage best reveal about your brand.

Add photos

Adding photos is very important. As per the research, the users stay on the main image of the website for 6 seconds that is pretty much significant time, considering how rapid we comprehend information. This research reveals that the photos you select matter and assist in enhancing your company recognition.

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