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Rulers are the extreme creations of time, nature and mankind. To build a ruler, it requires polishing a soul to pass through the teachings of time which includes lots of hard and harsh exams. After all that molding a man can become a true leader, seems to a man who rules.

Life of a ruler from the very beginning is quite challenging. Let us discuss some of the teachings that makes a true ruler.

Firstly the family background matters a lot, the person should belong to a royal family, because the royal blood and gens carries most of the quality to become a ruler, but it always does not only sticks to royal blood it also works on a natural born soul determined by creation of nature. A human brain contains both good and bad thoughts in equal ratio, here time plays it’s game. Time determines how, where and when to build a ruler to lead the world. Both the good thought and bad thought are valuable in their respective places. The born and the way of bought up of a child in a royal family is quite different, this way from a very tender age  they are trained to behave react in a certain way, which are very different from any other family, The person from ordinary family background can also become a ruler, but this is quite rare and the skills he have to learn by his own, but is taught by time, nothing happens in air, it requires lots of effort, challenge facing mentality, hope of creation greater than demolishing.

It is also necessary for a child, who will be a true future ruler, to come from a joint family, where everyone stay together with different mentality and thoughts, so that a child can learn to deal with different thoughts in a peaceful manner so he can explore more about human thoughts and words will be helpful for his future dealings with different persons, these brings a self sufficiency to a child being less pampered one, due to such a big family.

Secondly the teacher who teaches the child to become a ruler matters a lot. It is said that time is the best teacher. So right from the birth nature decides who would rule the world and send time to him to train that new soul born with thoughts.

Being the best teacher of universe, Time teaches in a very challenging and harsh way, it teaches what is bad for him and for others, how to be cool and solve a situation using the good and bad thoughts and techniques, that will be good for him and others, but to handle this situation time teaches the lesion in a very harsh and challenging way so that one can survive with all and everything, the challenges are such that can’t be overcome easily, because it requires heavy cost to pay, like it need time from ones life and lots of sacrifices. But one should pass this extraordinary challenges.

Humans and most other living being can see only 2 and 3 dimensional figure, but leaders and rulers can see through their feelings the real four dimensions of time, time is mainly four dimensional, people who learned from the time truly can obtain the position of rulers because they can see the fourth dimension of time like.

1) Sometimes  time can be harsh, rude and cruel like the constant thunderstorm and wild fires.

2) Sometimes it become so cold like polar regions, where surviving is challenging in every steps.

3) Sometimes it becomes deep and open like oceans and endless wide like universe.

4) Sometime it again becomes evil and cruel like monsters and daemons.

Rulers are taught by time to face this situation, helps one to Breadth in thunderstorm of life and glow light from wild fires, melt polar ice to drink and cut ice to build home. Respect the beauty of nature while in the same time one is aware about the hidden danger of nature and as well as human also to find the best place to live in within the open universe. How to fight daemon and odds in life to clear the path of life to move ahead.

All this aspects and teachings of time gives birth to a perfect ruler. All these phases he have to pass through requires lots of stamina, patience, hard-work, intelligence, courage, positivity, passion for work and to discover new way which will be followed by others and above all a true humanity. This kind of molding by time also requires bravery as a main weapon of a ruler.

Finally after all this struggles a ruler is bought-up. For a ruler it is also quite important to have caring and loving side beside the daring side of his personality, because every situations of life cannot be dealt and ruled with power and by force. Situations are so sensitive that it has to be handle with care, love, emotion and tenderness. This situations in life are never, ever easy for a ruler. Every moment he has to struggle for each and every little things, which other people quite easily, because it is difficult for a ruler to misbehave and lie someone unnecessarily just to achieve temporary pleasure, as he had paid a heavy price to time to learn each and everything, even he learnt to lie people by judging the situation of time.

Life is full of struggles for any person, but a person who rules the world has to struggle in a very extraordinary way, as the challenges comes to his way is special and extraordinary and only he can break that challenge that challenge no one else can do it. Which are meant to be overcome only by “THE RULER”. This is the why he has born and build by time.

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Thanks for your appreciation. Your comments inspires us a lot.
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