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Games are one of the way of favourite entertainment of any person, someone likes to play Indoor Game and someone likes to play outdoor game. no matter the type, the best joyful game is strategy game, where people needs to go with the strategy which must be either planned or is planned on the go. Here comes the trick, people can usually think of what they will do tomorrow or coming future, or most people fail because they do not understand how to react on instant problem. But some peoples like politicians and army chiefs and leaders know how to act on an certain situations. Though the army personnel are trained to do so, but the rulers make it from their experiences gained in life and practice of ruling.


This same thing applies to time, nature and God. God set the strategy of nature, time acts as player and playee to the stage of nature. But how time access as playee? The answer is time prepare itself for the play from very beginning. Time select a man who is strong enough to tackle the heart condition, in short time select a good and hard sole to play the game and start preparing that’s all with its own effort. First of all that selected person is nurtured in a best condition from birth, next time snatches most of his favourite things from his life, only provided those required things to survive, like talent, patience, sharpness, and that unbeatable legendary power. One has to move up with these powers and achieve everything he has lost. But why these rulers are born?


in each and every tickets there are people who think of themselves as god and try to do anything for them self without bothering about what bad they are doing to others, they create so much that to the society, that the society get paralyzed and is unable to identify what is bad and what is good, also the society created trouble to the persons who are trying to do something good for the mankind, the reason behind this is the ruling power of the society is in the corrupted Hands, They are the people who mercilessly do in the society to get their own benefit.but according to nature’s rule nothing is permanent and nothing is Immortal. Hear time plays its own game, time start making a true ruler who can oppose this system and can change it with their own effort. Is the blacksmith mend an unbeatable sword from raw iron that get rusted easily, but the sword stays for centuries, makes us remember about the king who used it but we don’t know the sweet home and it. Similarly time manufactures hardened man out from a common man who can be changed and motivated easily, but when the man turned into a true leader to rule the world he become unbeatable and memorable but mostly forget the blacksmith who mend it and that is time. the process is like first of all their emotions are being simplified and transformed to practical, next they are provided with correct judgement and makes them such a way that the judge with all the opinions, not with single opinion.


Time prepares rulers that have perfect understanding of relationship. To rule and co-operate others,one must can the attitude of ruling is on family with true value of love, understanding, care and cooperation. If after cooping the challenges the person may be able to fight with the world for humanity and purpose of care. A true man is taught to respect the women, starting from his mother and other female relatives and to control themselves, search firms can help them in building his family with his woman, where they gets full satisfaction of being a family man. Including love and respect that makes differ human beings from other living being in the world.


Time started from zero when there was new birth of universe. The time, luck and Fortune already formed at the very beginning of human culture, now human started thinking of their own time listing their work and accounting towards future. Though we know that time is of no one but still we think and Count on it.where is the harsh reality is time play its own game on its own time doesn’t matter good or bad because my time goes good for one, there is another whose time is going bad. And the person thinking of their own that time, there going was time for someone else’s. But people becomes sad while thinking only about their own bad or worst situation, few peoples are there things to get rid of their bad luck and to get with good, but mostly failed to do so because that is not their time, this condition depends on time when it will change or go away. But instead of thinking we must be hopeful and try our best possible way to get rid of the worst situation only then we can make it out with our an effort and build our own destiny and correct our Fortune. By that time we will be able to fight the worst.


But the people who only think of their Fortune and stay in tact, thinking that it is not their time and they will not be able to success on their trial, then they are not able to stand on their own, because they only think what to do, but never cries what they thought in fear of failure. But actually the bad time is the time we can learn the real meaning of life, we can identify friends and active partner. Until we become failure we cannot find our way to success, because the steps of success is marked by time with failure, effort, truth and identification. So if the path is built by time strongly then it is predictable that the path cannot be broken even by time itself, as we all know that time has no rule called refer and being humans we can utilize this disadvantage of time cleverly and can make our self with our own identity.

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