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Education is the past knowledge implemented in a process to the generation to teach them the past invention and innovation of humans and nature. To guide them in very sort of time without having the past experience. So that they can start from after that. For example like Einstein theory is recorded in books and by reading that book people can invent new things from that Idea, because he does not have to think of that formula and theory that is already present there. So that we can move forward and make our future more comfortable.


So we can say that the education is all about knowing the past and move for the future. Like this, it goes on for decades. In the present world it is not like that. At present People gets educated for better marks and degrees which is required to get better jobs learning to lead the life happily and it goes on. But not every people thinks like this some people think of the true meaning of getting educated. They try to do something of their own while taking the knowledge from the past but their percentage is too low measuring to the overall population.

Mostly in Asian countries like  India,  Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal,  Sri Lanka and their neighboring countries, there is a trend to set by their parents, teachers and relatives that their child should get more mark competing to others in order to get the most costly job so that they can earn more and more money and can start a family. This point is justified from one end, that they must get a better job in order to earn more. But still, there is one unjustified point that most of the Guardians don’t want to know what their child wants to be, after giving all the relevant options of earning and the basic work process that their parents know.  The motive is just to earn more marks and get the best job.

But the question is from where the job will come?

No one thinks of that. Everyone think of is your way, secure monthly income, egoistic status to show off. Blaming the government and complaining about increasing educated unemployment in the country, no proper education, no better placement and so on but instead of complaining no one comes out and do something for the society and country. The reason is they need the security of each and everything in their life, but no one is here to secure that.


Cultures of our education system becomes so dirty, greedy and corrupted here, That if anyone thinks out of traditional educational practice that person is neglected and humiliated by system and Society, saying that nothing can happen to this boy/girl because he or she is thinking so madly which is going to become a challenging threat to his or her future. Here no one is thinking about what new the new generation is thinking and what they actually trying to do, just keep on humiliating.


Now let’s get the meaning of result. The result is the piece of paper continent marks obtained by any student based on his or her academic performance. So it is just the outcome of the past examination for which one is prepared for. But how this result is going to decide someone’s future? Future depends on the capability of facing challenges fetched by time and situation. And there is no result in this world that can show the dedication of a student to pass on the future unknown challenges. So how this education system is going to work? This is a very important question that everyone should understand. And if anyhow we fail to understand the meaning of this question then we will not be able to get out of this trend of the rat race. In this rat race, everyone tries to squeeze others to get the first position in the rat trap to get the food easily as it is placed inside the rat trap.


The rat trap is such a fascinating thing for rats where there is an easy entrance to the trap and easy food, but no Exit for the rats. Now they can be used according to the will of the rat trap owners as he owned the rats. The condition of the present world is like this, people like to get trapped for easy food, accommodation, and Limited Lifestyle.  They do not think that what is the use of all this thing earned by selling the freedom and self-hostage. Like pet animals only eat what they are given – It is known that there is an everyday security of getting food but in the whole life they will not get the desired food of their choice. Whereas Lion in the Jungle can have the food how much they want and of which animal, roaming freely inside his territory.


Freedom is very easy to lose and very hard to gain and almost impossible to gain in a rat race. Though few exceptions are there, some people realize their self-identification after racing with the rats and they can manage the escape route from the Trap and get doing something of their liking to make as a profession. But most of the people cannot and some just like to be in the cage.


Everything is not just the fault of education but the education system managed by the greedy personnel teaches the new souls to become greedy to sell themselves and earn the livelihood. From here the basic education system of government also changes as they want to get rid of any mishap with their political mindset.


As everything has some exception, there are also some exceptional identities. Though it’s true that everyone is taught from the birth to run in the rat race, but there are some people who do not like to run this race and try to be creative of their own. They took education as knowledge and they grab everything they need for their creativity.

After a certain period of time, they start their own journey where they race with their own drawbacks and challenges of time. They start identifying their own capacity to involve in their own activity whereas taking the good thoughts and knowledge from the past through education.  Their begins his/ her journey of identifying themselves discovering their capabilities facing challenges and learn from that. Finally creates something new, reliable and attractive that exists for the generations continuing towards future, upgraded from old or prevented to new.

Apart from all these, there are few cultures different from the traditional rat race. There are few teachers even parents who want to guide their child to grow up and so the way they have noticed in their child. this type of parents or teachers actually guide the child by showing them what is good and what is bad, they punish the child for wrong deeds and teach them the right one, beside this keeps on noticing on what their child is performing the best. After amplifying their good side and rectifying their mistakes they are set on there to choose their own path and move forward in life from the very satisfactory beginning of their life and career. In future this type of people improves and set a path for them where they leave the path for others to follow them and they become an inspiration towards the best future.


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