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Business meant to be busy with some productive work. the work procedure providing someone with their needed goods or services in return of an profit from that work makes it productive. Business depends on tactical game-play with the minds of customers. Because of this it is mostly on demand and way to supply.


Like few things in the market namely – food, grocery, clothes, stationery, furniture, machines like – computer and its peripherals and mobile phones are in continuous demands. Many companies, brands and small businesses organizations are there who continues the supply of these products; every supplier is trying to make some profit from here.  here starts the competition,  like many bands are here to supply good quality clothes, their quality are more or less same but still among all the brands one or two companies earns more profit from the business by providing best style and quality according to the trends, requirement, budget variation and age variation. All this depends on market analysis, reading the demand and forming the most efficient way to provide the supply according to their needs. Being honest they provide the goods and services value for money.

there are greedy people also in the market and also there is much more valuable demands other than the basic necessities –  coming point Wise –


  1. There are people who become fed up of their fortunes. Based on this problem there are many business consultancies and astrologers who provide them the basic support with the morality of astrology. Relying on this morality people start believing on astrology and also they get their desired result if they are in the good and true hands. Because in market there are many people who claims themselves as the best astrologer of the Market. And also they are able to create demand by playing with emotional fear. Every person have the good and bad Fortune balanced in their life also few fortunes are created by own effort. But here the fake astrologers acts as a motivator, they try their best possible way to motivate people to rely on them and lose their self confidence, make them to believe on only their orders. Here starts the real play. At the beginning of the deal with the fake astrologer and the client, astrologer provides some result oriented tips and tricks of few basic necessities of the client but not the main problem because if the main problem of the client get sorted out then he will not come back again. So by giving a belief to the client, astrologers draw their attention and motivate them, their after start squeezing their money in the name of different rituals and gemstones, and after days on they considered indirectly that it is the big problem of their client and need more time and money to fulfill it, by that time the client understand the trick and try to avoid them but by that time they are already ruined. Gradually people stop believing the astrologers and had a very bad experience on astronomy.


  1. Similarly this thing happens with fake consultancy – now a day’s people are in search of perfect job in the market to support themselves and their family. Few business personnel decoded some tricky ideas to cheat people using their basic requirements. First of all they choose a better location mostly on rent and setup an aristocrat designed office full of staff, accommodation and their show-off strategy hanging on the wall. next they starts posting ads on different job seeking website in such an organized way that people have to believe it, then they start collecting data bases of different job seekers. from where they call few suitable ones for the interview, and when most of them come in the date of interview they find a real setup with live what process going on,  which is the fake process installed by the consultancy firm itself to make the belief in candidates. By noticing all this process the candidates start believing them and after giving the interview almost all candidate get selected for the interview and they are being asked for lump sum amount of security deposit, after few days and training and some few  more monies in the name of different kind of  fees and Accommodation purpose They are again called for the final interview  with the companies, where in most of the cases there is no office either and or they are not selected after paying lots of money as security and other fees.


Like these there are many fake jobs mainly, scams available in internet also which take the weakness part of persons to make a chance of making money. And because of all this there is lack of belief growing in the people appearing a great threat to humanity and its belief.

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