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A dupatta has been a necessary part of a bride’s wedding day look. While you must have seen some brides pair up their wedding lehenga with just one dupatta, there are many who like to have extra dupattas. The numbers, however, do not make any difference in the wedding pictures, yet they will definitely increase your style quotient.

If you also want to pair up with double dupattas, make sure it is less decorated than the main dupatta. Be it your own wedding or your siblings’ remember to create a style statement every time with your dupatta lehenga.

1. The front-flow style

You might not use this for your wedding day, but it is absolutely perfect for any of the wedding ceremonies. To drape your dupatta in this classy and elegant style, you will have to first pleat your dupatta nicely and pin it on your left shoulder. Let the dupatta fall till the back of your knees. For the front portion, let the dupatta fall to the floor, take a corner and secure it on your forearm.

You can also drape the corner over your head and then pin it on the left shoulder again. Well, one piece of advice, be conscious that the dupatta does not slip off.

2. The classic saree drape

Be it your sangeet or mehendi or wedding or reception you can never go wrong with the classic saree style dupatta draping. To drape this simple yet elegant style all you have to do is tuck one end of the dupatta on your right waist, and taking it in a circle under your left arm throw it over your left shoulder just like a saree pallu. You are all set to rock your lehenga saree.

3. The casual drape

Is your choli heavily embroidered? If yes, then the casual drape is a perfect choice for you since this style does not cover the choli. To drape this style, loosey tuck one end of the dupatta on the left side of the waist. Take the dupatta from behind your arm over your head. Instead of covering your head, you can also keep the dupatta resting over your right shoulder.

There is a second option for this casual drape also, instead of leaving the dupatta loose at the back, you can keep it flowy in front and wrap the loose end at your waist. This would be a perfect draping style for all the modern brides.

4. The double-sided drape

To drape this absolutely magical style, tuck one end of the dupatta onto any one side of your waist. Take it back loosely and bring it to the front over your other shoulder. Now, wrap it around your chest and pin the dupatta to the other shoulder.

5. The back U dupatta style.

One dupatta can clearly create a style statement for you. For a heavily embroidered dupatta, the Back U style is a perfect choice which would help you to showcase the beauty of your dupatta. Neatly pleat on end of your dupatta and pin them on your left shoulder and let them fall freely below your waist. Bring the other end to the right side and let loose.

6. The double dupatta style

When this trend was initiated by one of India’s best designer, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, how can it go wrong? Many Bollywood brides have chosen the double dupatta style and we are falling for it over and over again. You will look more like a royal bride using two dupattas- one to drape and the other to cover your head.

Use the longer dupatta to cover your head while the shorter one to drape. Brides who do not want to go for a minimal look, the double dupatta style is just what you need.

7. Dupatta around the elbow

Now, this is nothing new, we have seen this quite a few times but what is new is that this style will never go out of trend. For this simple yet elegant style, just pleat your dupatta and wrap them around your elbows. Or, for a variation, you can pin one end of the dupatta on your left shoulder and wrap the other around your elbow. See, it’s that simple!

8. Over the head

This is no brainstormer, neither a very difficult one. Simply place the dupatta covering your head and let the rest flow down. Girl, this is going to be the best for your twirl photos.

9. Waistband dupatta drape look

A waistband keeping the dupatta in place is the latest trend in town. Whether you use a single dupatta or a double dupatta, the waistband can never prove you wrong. To drape a single dupatta with a waistband, you can arrange the dupatta neatly and place it on one shoulder with just the waistband around your waist.

Or if you wish to carry double dupattas then simply use one dupatta as a pallu with the waistband around and the other over your head.

Whatever be your pick, make sure you set all heads to turn. Remember, one dupatta if used correctly can very well create a style statement.

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