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It’s possible for a common man to  become a ruler

All it needs is proper teaching by time, a good observation power and a very honest character. So let’s discuss the 6 qualities that can make ruler out of a common man.

  1. He must a great unprejudiced observer. By unprejudiced we mean that he observes each little thing with a very open mind, without being prejudiced or having fixed idea or notion about a particular thing. The  worth in more vast and open the mind, the more he can learn from very minor things which no one has ever thought of. He can discover new dimensions and things even out of scraps. Having this kind of open mind helps to do good judgements in the most darnest and critical situations of life. Good judgement is all that is worth in every aspect of a person’s life and helps to make a better future.
  2. He must be a student of time and mother nature. Being a student of time can make the best possible ruler out of a common man. He keeps facing new challenges every moment, so he learn to find solutions very easily over the years and also gets a clear idea about good and bad, which is quite different from the understanding of any commoner. He loves to learn from the nature, nature is his classroom, time being the teacher.
  3. He must be ambitious but in a honest way. Must have zeal to accomplish his goals. He must be very stubborn about accomplishing hos goals and keep trying hard, no matter what until his goal is accomplished.
  4. He must value time.He respects time and values every person’s time, that is why he does things on accurate time.
  5. He must be well disciplined and have fixed principles in his life. This fixed principles help them stay strong and courageous in difficult situations and also help to show their follwers the correct path of life.
  6. He must have a very good and honest character. He respects himself as well as the principles of others. He must have a strong as well as loving and nurturing side of his personality, because everything can’t be dealt with strength, some situations of life need love, respects and care.

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