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A true ruler is the most precious gift of nature and time to out mankind. In the history of the world we get to know about many rulers who came and ruled the world. For decades this trend is continuing but among them there are only a few true rulers. A ruler should be such a person who poses every quality and ability to face the wildest weathers, have courage to do the darnest things, have the power of judgment like that of a God and the courage, love along with passion like that of a true human being. Above all the soul must be pure like an angel, so that the dirt of the evil cannot depose on his soul.

Nature and time decides which soul will become a future ruler. So nature starts polishing and modifying the pure soul, who could become a perfect leader to rule the world. Nature starts teaching through its best teacher and that is time. As time is the teacher who teaches the best to the nature and the beings of nature. Time teaches very strictly, effortlessly and it does not get tired. Like Eagle throws her babies’ from the highest mountain cliffs, so that they can learn to survive on their own and to fly above all birds. Some way time also treats the person in the most irrevocable difficult challenging and demanding situations and one should pass the challenging situations with their own courage that builds a true man.

Life is full of challenges and thrills for a ruler,

10 basic qualities of a ruler:-

  1. A Great Observer

    It is seen that the soul from their childhood are a great observer. They love to observe each and every detail of even very negligible things and often brings out some aspects of things, which no one have ever thought of this quality helps them a lot to face every situations of life and deal with them with ease unlike others. This way one take the ideas and learn from even the simplest and the worst things. In other words, “Digs Gold Out From Everywhere, No Matter How Bad It Is”.

  2. Is A Great Thinker

    Yeah its true, rulers are the great thinkers. They can think of situation for every possible way. Where common people think of only few ways out of a situation, Rulers can think endlessly. They have so many uncommon and precious ideas, that they can change the world. They can think the best and the worst out of any situation. As they are extreme creations of nature, so they think in extremes.

  3. They Think Positive And Always Keep Trying

    Though they will be in negative situations, be beaten by time mercilessly, still from that worst condition also, they keep thinking positive and keep their ideas flowing. This positivity helps them to move forward in life and get success. As time plays its biter and sour games, it is quite common that he keeps on fails numerous times. Still he keeps on trying without getting tired and running away from the situations. He faces the situation with full confidence and courage and finally wins and pass the challenges of time.

  4. They Respect The Thought Of Others

    A true ruler always respects the thoughts of others. Unlike common persons they never judge the situations in one way by listening the rumors. They are never driven by the thoughts of others. They listens not only to reply but also to understand what the other person is saying and why they are saying. They never shows a person down, as he has a separate view on a situation, instead he tries to understand it and takes the good things out of it and implies it.

  5. They Believe In Team Work And Give Credit To All

    A perfect ruler knows the value of hard-work and teamwork. As time has already trained him in that way. But after getting success, many forgets about the contributions of other and just takes all the credits on themselves. But a successful leader knows the importance of a team and contributions of others. This way all his team members get equal importance and the result is excellent in the outcome of the work.  Finally the leader achieve its importance.

  6. They Never Lie Unnecessarily

    Just to get temporary pleasures, happiness and fame they can’t lie to others cause it is against their principle. The teacher taught him in a very harsh way the importance of truth and built their principles. They don’t lie and can’t tolerate the lies as well. As to rule the world lieing is not the option. He always love to being honest.

  7. They Deal All Situations Tactically

    It’s a common human nature to react to a situation in a vigorous way at the heat of the moment. For this reason many situation get worst for a common man. But a true ruler deals with the situation quite tactfully. He observes and thinks in depth about it, then he reacts in a way where the situation will not worsen but get better. This way, great rulers like “Shivaji” dealt with wars and other situations of his life tactfully and could become a true ruler and could expand his territory. They never loose control over their mind. They keep calm and cool even in the most unexpected situations. As they know that when the mind is full of fear and panic, they can never get a solution of the problem. Instead they will get all puzzled up. So in difficult times when every one gets panicked and confused, it is only the leader who has to keep calm and patience to lead everyone in the right direction. They bow the boat in the darkest storms to keep others safe.

  8. They Have The Courage To Speak Truth And Question Anyone

    It’s truly a great quality of a ruler. Even in the most depressing circumstances of life, they speak what is the truth. They are honest in every aspects of their life. They learnt from time, the power of truth and the importance of questioning. So from childhood , they are never afraid to ask questions even to the highest authority, which is powerful. If they find something wrong or unjustifiable, they couldn’t tolerate it and just keep still like others. They have to go in the minute details of the situation, search for the truth and bring it out in front of the world. If something unreasonable happens, they will question without any fear. Whereas other common people, just follows the trend and society without questioning what is its real meaning and utility, Rulers just can’t keep following everything like a head of lambs.

  9. They Know The Value Of Time

    Being a precious child of time, rulers know the exact value of time. They always keeps their words and values the time of others too. They does their each and every work in correct time. Time is really precious, as ones it is gone it will never return, as ‘Time and tide waits for none’. For leaders there is nothing called tomorrow, what is there is today. So they never wait for tomorrow to come, the starts action today.

  10. They Respect Humanity

    Being the extreme creations of humanity, they know the price of human emotions as well. That’s what make them a true ruler. They don’t always rule from head, sometimes in sensitive situations, they rule from the heart too. They always respects the pain and troubles of others. So they rule but keeping the wellbeing of his followers in mind. They don’t lead or rule to become a predator. They rule to truly lead, show the correct path and win hearts and respect.

So, these are some of the qualities of rulers. This is what makes an ideal ruler.

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